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Electric Pedicure System PEDINOVA The Electric File System model Pedinova is a powerful, high performance electric file machine. This is a professional tool used for trimming and shaping toe nails, smooth rough skin like corn and calluses. Features : • Motorized electric file system • Ideal for removing non infective hard skins • 15, 000 RPM with 4 speed • Supplied with 10 different tool bits • Integral motor eliminates bulky external motor boxes. All the technology is in the hand piece • Full warranty for 6 months • Easy operation • Used for trimming shaping the hard nails • Change bits quickly with the auto-locking chuck • Compact, ergonomic design runs quietly with no vibration • Extra long electrical cord - plugs directly into wall sockets • Quality manufacturing from Germany
Non-Invasive Vascular Screening Device - VP1000 plus Using it's four cuff system the VP-1000plus quickly and simply assesses Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) and Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) providing highly valuable clinical information within minutes. The short time taken to complete the assessment and the fully automatic functionality make the VP-1000 ideal for Vascular clinics, Cardiology and General practice. Omron VP-1000 plus (Colin VP1000) Features: Fast - The Omron VP-1000 Measurement Process can take as little as 10 minutes to complete from start to finish Simple - Fully automated operation. Once the cuffs, ECG & PCG sensors are in place, the VP-1000 plus automatically completes the assessment with no further input from the clinician. Accurate and Reproducible - The 'Sensor Cuffs' measure arterial pressure and waveform, eliminating the need for hand-held probes, and hence eliminating investigator variability. Simultaneous Measurement of all limbs - The Omron VP-1000 simultaneously measures arterial pressures and waveform in all 4 limbs facilitating a highly accurate Ankle-Brachial Index calculation that isn't compromised by the passing of time between individual limb measurements done sequentially Touch Screen Interface - The Omron VP-1000's touch screen interface and logical menu system simplifies data entry and navigation Multiple Report Format Options - The Omron VP-1000 plus allows clinicians to select printed report formats that are most appropriate for their practice (Click on Printed Reports to view reports). Reports available include: Clinicians Report, Patient Report, Trend Report, Post Exercise/Recovery Report Portable - The Omron VP-1000 plus main unit can operate as a 'Bench Top' unit, separate from the roller stand and printer, and can be transported in a small case making it portable enough to take between clinics or consultation room Networkable - The Omron VP-1000 plus can be networked with major clinical management software packages, allowing simple data storage directly into patient files Toe Brachial Index (TBI) function - A 'TBI' function is available using plethysmographic toe cuffs that can detect arterial pulses in the toes
The Podiascan system provides podiatrists and bio-mechanists with an economical and efficient method to measure static and dynamic plantar foot pressure distribution. The Podiascan system produces instantaneous and permanent high resolution image of the pressure distribution across the planter surface. We sell this product only in India. The Harris Mat paper output is scanned and the resultant grey scale image is converted into colour scale. Features : • System consists of Harris Mat, Special Scanner Copier and Printer, Image Analysis Software and Patient Reporting Software. • Economical method to measure Static and Dynamic Plantar foot pressure. • Qualitative multi-colour output makes the pressure reading easier. Used to Identify : • Areas of potential ulceration • Pre and Post surgical evaluation • Degree of pronation or supination • Weight bearing after surgery
Ambulatory BP Monitor ABPM50" Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is being increasingly recommended for routine clinical practice. It may be particularly useful in evaluating the patient with variable blood pressure readings in the office, or the patient with wide discrepancies between the blood pressure readings at home and the clinician's office (ie, "white coat" hypertension). ABPM and, in particular, nocturnal blood pressure readings, may also provide prognostic data. Ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitoring involves measuring blood pressure (BP) at regular intervals (usually every 15–30 minutes) over a 24 hour period while patients undergo normal daily activities, including sleep. . What are the indications? • Suspected white-coat hypertension (including in pregnancy) • Suspected masked hypertension • Suspected nocturnal hypertension or no night time reduction in BP (dipping) • Hypertension despite appropriate treatment • Patients with a high risk of future cardiovascular events (even if clinic BP is normal) • Suspected episodic hypertension • Prolonged Diabetes Supplied with unit, Adult BP cuff, Wide BP cuff for obese patients and software.
Podiatry Full Kit FK10: We distribute high quality selective stainless steel surgical instruments for managing the Podiatry applications. These are imported from reputed supplier and exported to many countries. We have hand picked 10 pcs. of essential instruments for the day to day management The Kit contains: 1. Cuticle Pusher double ended 2. Probe with spoon and file 3. Cuticle Pusher with Probe 4. Nail File 5. Nail Splitter scissor 6. Nail Cutter with wire spring 7. Corn scrapper with handle 8. Barrel Spring Nail cutter 9. Moon shape double spring Nail Cutter 10. Cuticle scissor with ring
Foot Imprinter Harris Mat – FM1111 The original diagnostic method for foot evaluation. Foot Imprinter Harris Mat is widely used to take the imprints of foot to analyse the plantar pressure variations of the foot. Simple, yet effective, and produces reproducible results when used properly. The foot imprinter displays weight distribution on the plantar surface of the foot. It can easily be used in dynamic gait analysis, static weight bearing and non-weight bearing positions. Features: • Detects the area of greatest concern for ulceration • Useful to identify Charcot's arthropathy • Very light, portable and easy to handle • Arch of the foot can also be detected • More the darker area indicates the high pressure • Presence of Callus can also be detected • Walking pattern of the patient can also be found • Easy to find the type of foot • More than 500 imprint can be taken from a single pad • Measures patient weight disbursement The set includes the imprint mat, prescription paper, inkpad and roller.
Podiatry Mini Kit - MK5: We distribute high quality selective stainless steel surgical instruments for managing the Podiatry applications. These are imported from reputed supplier and exported to many countries. The Kit contains: 1. Cuticle Pusher double ended 2. Corn Scrapper with handle 3. Cuticle Scissor with ring 4. Barrel spring Nail Cutter 5. Moon shape double spring Nail Cutter
Dear Valued Customer, We are pleased to inform you that we have completed successfully 25 years in medical device business since we commenced our operations on April 1990. We could not imagine that we have sustained in this highly competitive business for such a long period. We take this opportunity to thank you all for doing business with us and for your continued trust and support. During our journey this far we have been able to provide wide range of holistic solutions for the management of diabetes complications. However, market conditions have been extremely challenging many a times but we could manage with your unconditional support. Going forward, we are committed to improving our customer service and developing newer solutions. We take this opportunity to reward your loyalty by reducing our price for a month till May end 2015. We also take this opportunity to offer free service/training for all our range of products during this period. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Engineers and register your requirement. You may also send us your requirement by email to We also take this opportunity to wish you and your family Season’s greetings. Thanking you once again for your support. Yours sincerely, Elango Devy Mobile: +91-9382206047
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator NEUROSTIM: Neurostim is a drug free, painless answer to eliminating pain and burning sense. The Neurostim works by stimulating all your nerves from your lower back down to your toes with a specific gentle waveform that your peripheral nerves naturally use to communicate with the rest of your body. The Neurostim opens your nerve paths to restore full function. All other devices temporarily treat only pain; the Neurostim permanently eliminates pain. • Relieves Your Pain and Numbness • Helps You Sleep All Night • Restores Your Balance and Mobility • Restores Feeling in Feet and Hands • Reduces or Eliminates Pain Medications The NeuroStim has proven to be highly effective in treating a number of conditions, such as: • Diabetic Nerve Pain • Peripheral Neuropathy • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating polyneuropathy • Muscle Spasms • Peripheral Arterial Disease • Venous Stasis • Stroke Rehabilitation • Symptoms Related to Lymph Disease • Symptoms Related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome