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Ambulatory BP Monitor ABPM50" Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is being increasingly recommended for routine clinical practice. It may be particularly useful in evaluating the patient with variable blood pressure readings in the office, or the patient with wide discrepancies between the blood pressure readings at home and the clinician's office (ie, "white coat" hypertension). ABPM and, in particular, nocturnal blood pressure readings, may also provide prognostic data. Ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitoring involves measuring blood pressure (BP) at regular intervals (usually every 15–30 minutes) over a 24 hour period while patients undergo normal daily activities, including sleep. . What are the indications? • Suspected white-coat hypertension (including in pregnancy) • Suspected masked hypertension • Suspected nocturnal hypertension or no night time reduction in BP (dipping) • Hypertension despite appropriate treatment • Patients with a high risk of future cardiovascular events (even if clinic BP is normal) • Suspected episodic hypertension • Prolonged Diabetes Supplied with unit, Adult BP cuff, Wide BP cuff for obese patients and software.
Professional BP Monitor HBP 1300: Portable blood pressure monitor ideal for ward use. The HBP-1300 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor is easy to use with a durable design that includes a built-in handle making the monitor easily portable. It is designed for use in professional settings and is clinically proven to produce fast and reliable results. The monitor is compatible with a series of wipe-clean GS cuffs ranging from SS (12-18cm) to XL (42-50cm). It comes with an AC adaptor as well as a rechargeable battery pack. The device is fitted with a shock-proof bumper to protect it from accidental damage and comes with fully automatic oscillometric and manual auscultatory mode. It is possible to manually adjust the inflation pressure for improved patient comfort.. Features: • Professional grade BP monitor • Automatic & Manual Auscultatory mode • Designed for heavy duty application • Supplied with adult and wide BP cuff(Obese) • Battery & Mains Operated • Long Battery hours • Sturdy, Shock-Proof & Drip-Proof
IR LED Light Therapy - Neurolite. Use of RED LED and Infra-red LED (IR) in medical applications are many and they are in use for many years in the developed countries. The combined use of LED and IR enhances the benefit for the patients. "Neurolite" is an non-invasive medical device used for increasing local blood circulation, reduce pain, Stiffness and muscle spasm around the area of application. The flexible treatment pad consists of an array of Infrared LED of wavelength 880nm and visible RED LED of wavelength 650nm. We have 3 different variants namely "Neurolite-Prof", "Neurolite- Hosp" and :Neurolite-Home". NEUROLITE is the Regd. Trade Mark of Diabetik Foot Care India Pvt Ltd. Many people have found that LED therapy can provide a complete and lasting resolution of many problems when it is coupled with medical diagnosis. Most existing scientific studies deal with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Essentially these studies show light therapy may reduce pain after dental extractions, improve immune functions, decrease wound healing time, increase the speed for healing of fractures, relieve the discomfort of eczema, increase mitochondrial ATP production, improve the cosmetic appearance of stretch marks, heal pressure ulcers, increase production of DNA and collagen, and increase the activity of fibroblasts. Similar studies are beginning to appear in which LEDs were used with parallel results. The Neurolite system uses non-coherent light. LEDs produce a larger light dispersion beam than lasers and allow a greater margin of error in their effectiveness at reaching the targeted area. Lasers can be very dangerous when not used properly or by properly trained people. LED therapy is completely safe to use. In fact the FDA has relaxed most restrictions on human LED infrared therapy. What can the Neurolite do? • Helps pain relief. • Helps increase blood supply to the affected area. • Helps to reduce swelling. • Helps to stimulate the immune system. • Helps to stimulate nerve conduction. • Helps develop collagen and muscle tissue • Helps generate new cells and tissue repair. • Can be used in conjunction with conventional and alternative therapy. • Helps increase speed, quality and strength of cell tissue repair. • Helps to promote faster wound healing. NEUROLITE - Home: Hand held device supplied with one pad with provision for one more additional pad. NEUROLITE - Hospital: Table top device with two regular flexible pads with timer setting. NEUROLITE - Professional: Table top device supplied with two regular flexible pads and two foot long flexible pads.
Non Invasive Vascular Screening Device VP1000 plus is manufactured by Omron Healthcare, Japan and this product is exclusively distributed in India by us for the Indian market. The Vascular Profile VP1000 plus provides the clinical information, which can aid in the early detection and treatment of arterial disease. The VP1000 plus is a powerful screening device for the non-invasive assessment of arteriosclerosis and represents the latest innovation using Colin's patented Waveform Analysis and Vascular Evaluation, technology. The VP1000 plus assesses arteriosclerosis by PWV (Pulse Wave Velocity : an index of arterial wall stiffness), ABI (Ankle Brachial Index : an index to assess arterial occlusion) and TBI(Toe Brachial Index: an index to assess the severity of the lower limb arterial occlusion). The two indices are obtained using simultaneous blood pressure and waveform measurements on all four limbs along with ECG and phonocardiogram tracings. Simple set-up and short operation time(less than 3 min) make the VP1000 plus an ideal tool for patient screening and follow-up as such, it provides benefits for a wide variety of clinical applications and ideal for Vascular clinics, Cardiology, Diabetology and General practice.
Neuromuscular Stimulator - Neurostim(Home) Uses of electrical stimulation in medical applications are many and they are being used extensively in the developed countries for many years. The combined use of NST and EMS enhances the benefit for the patients. Neurostim is a non invasive medical device used for increasing local blood circulation, reduce pain, Stiffness and muscle spasm around the area of application. The unit is supplied with different applicators such as conductive electrode(2” x 2” size), Conductive Socks, Conductive Gloves and Conductive Slipper. As the Neurostim sends these restorative signals, the brain senses them and responds by releasing endorphins, internally generated pain relievers (with no side effects) and these endorphins travel throughout the body via the bloodstream reducing pain all over the body, relieving anxiety, and releasing tension so you can enjoy a full night's sleep without the need for sleep aids. • Relieves Your Pain and Numbness • Helps You Sleep All Night • Restores Your Balance and Mobility • Restores Feeling in Feet and Hands We have introduced the Hospital model about 3 years back and it is a big success for treating the pain due to diabetic neuropathy, burning sensation, tingling sense. Due to the increased demand for patient model we are not introducing this patient model.
Non-Invasive Vascular Screening Device - VP1000 plus Using it's four cuff system the VP-1000plus quickly and simply assesses Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) and Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) providing highly valuable clinical information within minutes. The short time taken to complete the assessment and the fully automatic functionality make the VP-1000 ideal for Vascular clinics, Cardiology and General practice. Omron VP-1000 plus (Colin VP1000) Features: Fast - The Omron VP-1000 Measurement Process can take as little as 10 minutes to complete from start to finish Simple - Fully automated operation. Once the cuffs, ECG & PCG sensors are in place, the VP-1000 plus automatically completes the assessment with no further input from the clinician. Accurate and Reproducible - The 'Sensor Cuffs' measure arterial pressure and waveform, eliminating the need for hand-held probes, and hence eliminating investigator variability. Simultaneous Measurement of all limbs - The Omron VP-1000 simultaneously measures arterial pressures and waveform in all 4 limbs facilitating a highly accurate Ankle-Brachial Index calculation that isn't compromised by the passing of time between individual limb measurements done sequentially Touch Screen Interface - The Omron VP-1000's touch screen interface and logical menu system simplifies data entry and navigation Multiple Report Format Options - The Omron VP-1000 plus allows clinicians to select printed report formats that are most appropriate for their practice (Click on Printed Reports to view reports). Reports available include: Clinicians Report, Patient Report, Trend Report, Post Exercise/Recovery Report Portable - The Omron VP-1000 plus main unit can operate as a 'Bench Top' unit, separate from the roller stand and printer, and can be transported in a small case making it portable enough to take between clinics or consultation room Networkable - The Omron VP-1000 plus can be networked with major clinical management software packages, allowing simple data storage directly into patient files Toe Brachial Index (TBI) function - A 'TBI' function is available using plethysmographic toe cuffs that can detect arterial pulses in the toes
PC Based Digital Biothesiometer & Vascular Doppler - VIBRODOP India’s first innovative design that has combined Biothesiometer for the detection of loss of vibration perception and Vascular Doppler for the measurement of Ankle Brachial India (ABI). Computer connectivity is a built-in facility and reports are generated by the software supplied. FEATURES: • Doppler (C.W) with 8MHz Uni-Directional probe • Ankle Brachial Index • Doppler Velocity Waveform with ABI Indices • 0 to 50 Volts Vibration linear output • Computer connectivity enabled • Software for data transfer, storage and patient report • Software supports all formats of Windows (Xp to Win8) OS • Standards matching International standards
Precise 8001 a device for TRANSCUTANEOUS OXIMETRY – tcpO2 The transcutaneous oxygen measurement unit Précise 8001 is intended for the measurement partial pressure of oxygen, also known as tcpO2, on the surface of the skin. The probe parameters, the measurement process, as well as the tcpO2 measurement results of three measurements can be saved onto the internal memory. The Precise 8001 allows for quick and precise measurement of tcpO2. Due to the 2.5 m long sensor cable – equipped with integrated sensor – an enormous working radius is available. The large LCD display ensures all relevant data are easily read. Priced very attractively for the Indian market. Introductory price is less than half the price of next available competitive product. Features: • Simple and quick measurement preparation • No covering of the sensor with membrane(Hence no consumables) • No separate calibration of sensor during every use • No fiddly handling of electrolyte fluid • No pre-heating necessary • Measurement independent from pH value and salt content of the skin • Less maintenance required compared with classic sensors • No cleaning of anodes/cathodes necessary Area of Applications: wound healing process (diagnosis & prediction) chronic venous insufficiency and ischemia confirmation of diagnosis and blood gas monitoring measurement for individual amputation level fitting of prostheses diabetes & peripheral artery disease PAD diagnostics in vascular ischemia plastical surgery diagnostics therapy evaluation How it is different with the models exist in India? get your tcpO2 results within 8 minutes at the latest probe does not have to be re-membraned for everyday use innovative & unique optical measurement method based on fluorescence maintenance-free & calibration-free automatic adjustment economic solution – clear and reduced demand of consumables lower investment costs in comparison to conventional devices mobile & flexible and tcpO2 measurements with one probe Precise8008 is avaiable for research institute with an option of having multiple sensors. Modular design that accepts 1 - 8 sensor channel. Price attractively.
IR LED Light Therapy Model Neurolite M/s Diabetik Foot Care India Pvt Limited Manufacturer in Chennai Exporter of Diabetic Therapy Equipments IR RED LED Light Therapy Stimulation of tissue granulation, connective tissue projections by improving vascular efficacy Stimulate fibroblastic activity Wound Healing faster Useful for Diabetic Neuropathy pain Foot pain Improve Blood Circulation